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A Szlovák Légierő C-27J SPARTAN bemutató repülése

SIAF 2019. 08. 04.



The C-27J Spartan developed by the Alenia Aermacchi (Leonardo) has been a name in Europe and NATO countries. Currently it is the most sold military medium range transport aircraft of the new generation. Spartan´s wide cargo compartment with a high floor strength enable to transport units, cargo, vehicles, paratroopers and equipment. It is equipped with the unique undercarriage with changeable height and position to load and unload. C27J is a suitable aircraft to execute tactical, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. In the long term the aircraft can be used to carry out fight and tactictal air transport tasks with temporary logistics in difficult climate conditions.

Spartan´s modified two-pilot cockpit is night-vision goggles compatible in all kinds of weather conditions. There is a clear view from the cockpit. The aircraft is designed to be used on short unpaved runways. C27J is equipped with means of passive defence as well as warning signalization system of enemy´s radar, infra or laser radiation exposure. The OBBIGS system to protect fuel tanks and armour-plattng is also typical of this aircraft.

Operator: Slovak Air Force
Total lenght: 22.7 m
Wingspan: 28.7 m
Height: 9.64 m
Maximum take-off weight: 30500 kg
Ceiling: 9144 m
Range: 1759 km
Maximum speed : 602 mphCrew: 2+1
Cruise speed: 583 km/hod.
Powerplant: 2 × 3,460 kW (4,640 hp)
Capacity: 60 troops/46 paratroops/ 36 litters with 6 medical personnel

Current operators:
Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare), Helenic Air Force, Bulgarian Air Force, Romanian Air Force, USAF, Royal Australian Airforce, Slovak Air Force, Lithuanian Air Force, Chadian Air Force, Royal Moroccan Air Force, Mexican Air Force, Peruvian Air Force and Turkmen Air Force.